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Top 12 Brands & Artists That Retain High Resale Value

Hermes | Gucci | Chanel | Louis Vuitton | Kenzo |
Air Jordan | Air Jordan | Adidas | Nike | Puma |
Givenchy | Christian Louboutin |

How To Consign

Choose your hot selling items

All men and women apparels are welcome in BARANGS. All designer items including fine jewelry, watches, décor, etc. are all accepted.

Hassle Free Pick Up

You can select whether you would like to drop off your items at our physical store located in Pantai Indah Kapuk or for us to pick up the item in your desired location with no extra charge.

Legit Checkings

Learn the current market value of your items with the help of our luxury team expertise to help authenticate, photograph, etc. your valuables

Collect Your Profit

Once your item has been sold, the funds will be automatically transferred to your registered account.



3 Layer of authentication

Deep inspection is conducted to all the products in Barangs to ensure the authenticity of the products sold in Barangs. This deep inspection is done within 3 steps. Visual checks, Physical checks and AI-Based Authentications.

Visual Checks

There is no need to question the reliability of Barangs products because every item sold here has undergone thorough visual inspection by a group of product experts with more than five years of expertise in the luxury field. This is one of the most popular methods of quality control, which is crucial since they can spot any potential flaws in luxury goods.

Physical Checks

In order to verify the authenticity of the luxury products, physical inspections are also conducted with the assistance of a network of sellers and partners. Physical inspections pick up important details about the texture and other important features of the luxury goods with in-hand service.

AI-Based authentication

As the world slowly shifts into a more digitalized world, we are able to take advantage of the progressiveness of technology. An AI-Based technology used by leading marketplace is able to authenticate luxury goods with very high success rate. This technique enables Barangs to ensure a perfect identification of the high-end goods.